Cooking classes

The cooking classes at Les Cakes de Laura, are design to allow children to learn about different types of foods, basic ingredients and simple cooking recipes. The aim of this class is to approach children to food, taking them out of the formal eating time at the table and allowing them to have fun with new ingredients, flavors and colors.

Classes at Les Cakes de Laura

Age range: between 4 and 12 years old

Kids per class: 10 max.

Time per class: between 1h and 1h 30min depending on the recipe.

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Private Classes

Private classes can be offered. They can be made at Les Cakes de Laura´s atelier with a minimum of 4 kids, or at your own place with a min of 6 kids.

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Birthday Party workshops

Would you like to make a special birthday party for your kids? Make them participate in the preparation of the cookies, cupcakes or small cakes. A special workshop is program to make them celebrate their birthday, choosing the topic of their preference. They will bake their own recipes and then they will make the decoration, keeping all what they do during the workshop for them. A min. of 8 kids is required.

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